About Us

As Salaam-u-Alaikum اسلام اليكم

Islatials = ISLAmic+ EssenTIALS

Islatials represents the combination of all Islamic Essentials. A platform which is the one-stop solution for all your Islamic needs.
Islatials is an Islamic Online Store dedicated to combining faith with fashion.
Islatials is the Online Shopping platform for Islamic products in India. We are an online store where you can purchase all your Islamic Essentials for Men, Women, and Kids and select with thousands of products and get it delivered to your doorstep at the reasonable price. We make online shopping easy with our secure payment platform and after-sale customer service and prompt delivery times, giving you a stress-free shopping experience. Our focus market is Islamic products especially the latest trendy Islamic fashion. Shopping online in India is easy and convenient for us.
Our Vision is to create a platform where people can be dependent on fulfilling their all needs in terms of Islamic Essentials.
Our primary responsibility is to provide the best/highest quality products to our customers. We will only engage in what is halal and stay away from the haram. We will ensure our suppliers/manufacturers abide by these same values. Orders will be processed on time and without any errors. We will ensure our customers receive the best customer service. We will most importantly never forget that profit is a result of doing everything right and will utilize that profit to invest back into the Ummah.